New boards & fails :)

A project log for Grinder speed control with stable RPM

Uses BackEMF to track speed of AC brushed motor

vitalyVitaly 04/25/2021 at 14:260 Comments

I tried to simplify schematic, and replace AC-DC convertor to inductor-less, based on KP3310SGA:

Also, tweaked schematic a bit to route all components on single side, and added board for one more grinder model.

Unfortunately, when received PCB and started to test KP3310SGA, found one serious disadvantage. Turn on time takes 5-10 seconds after power on :). This may be acceptable for some appliances, but not usable with grinder.

So, i had to abandon v3 hardware in favor of v4:

AC-DC uses LNK3204, but other advantages of v3 still exists:

Those are not tested yet. Just ordered.