And we are vertical

A project log for Open Source Router/Laser/Lathe (Flower Router)

This project is for an Open source Router, Laser, Lathe. (Flower Router)

sporkiussporkius 09/30/2014 at 01:090 Comments

A ton has happened since our last update.  The router is now standing vertical. Everything has been tested without computer control. We are currently wiring the machine and hoping to start cnc testing shortly. 

The router took a short trip from our warehouse in worcester to the big apple for NYC makerfaire. Thanks to all you makers for asking tons of questions and throwing out amazing ideas on how to make our open source router even better. 

Idler sprocket on the Y axis

Motor mount on the Y axis

Gantry chain connection on the Y axis.

Initial control systems wiring/testing

Upgraded X and Z gantry.

A little vertical rib encouragement. 

Vertical Router showing X, Y, and Z axis

Y axis rail mounting

Back of the Vertical Router

Front of the Vertical router

Packed up and ready for a trip to NYC Makerfaire.

Makerfaire tent.