Finished Detector, waiting for PSU

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Not your granddad's Geiger Counter

Alex LunguAlex Lungu 07/16/2019 at 10:130 Comments

So, the detector itself is completed. Untill i get the materials for a complete aluminium housing, I'll stick to using the 3D printed one i've already got.

The detector itself feels quite nice in the hand (it's pretty darn comfy, if I do say so myself) and nicely weighted and balanced. An aluminium housing would only improve the overall look and feel.

I've finally gotten all the parts from Digikey, including the Amphenol BNCs on the back.

One is for the negative high voltage and the other one is for the output signal.

It's a tight squeeze, but 2 BNC cables DO fit at the same time.

Sorry about the potato quality photo, but my phone's camera is really crap.