This is a simple board I made to play with my FPGA board "The Thing":

This board has two RS-232 channels (or ports) and both the DB-9 and screw connectors for each channel/port.

More, the J1 and J2 "logic level"connectors (each with the same signals) are mirrored, so you can rotate the board by 180 degrees and choose which one use for the best placement:

The RTS/CTS hardware handshaking is supported, but if you don't need that the design allow to use only one IC for both channels/ports:

* * HOW TO GET A PCB * *

As usual I've prepared an "easy" link to get a small lot (5 pcs minimum) of PCB. The link is this one.

* * LICENSE * *

All the project files (SW & HW) are licensed under GPL v3.

If you use this material in any way a reference to the author (me :-) ) will be appreciated.