bitmap image to paint stroke examples

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John OpsahlJohn Opsahl 08/07/2019 at 03:350 Comments

One of my goals this week was to explore what bitmap image to paint stroke conversions are possible with very simple conversion parameters. In the three image conversion examples below, the original reference image is on the left and paint stroke preview image is on the right. None of the images are a result of being physically painted by a cnc painting machine. The preview images are just approximations of what a final painted image might look like. The longest line algorithm (described in a previous project post) was used to generate paint strokes from the reference image. The generated paint strokes were plotted in their respective colors to construct the preview images. A single round brush size and no more than six paint colors were used to construct each preview image. Even with these simple parameters, the paintings are still fun to look at and given past experience, they will probably look much smoother as actual paintings. The rough and jagged borders between colors shown in the preview images are less striking once physically painted. These conversions get me excited about what might be possible with more complex parameters.

Another thing I really enjoy about these conversions is that even though I know what the reference image looks like and the painting parameters that the algorithm is using, the result can still be surprising. For example, it's always interesting to me how the algorithm removes detail from the original image, but in some way the message and feeling of the image is not lost. Like the fine details are not what really mattered. 

This also motivates me to fully develop the paint management system. Without the paint mixing component of the paint management system, I currently have to manually mix paints until the correct color is achieved. Once fully developed, I won't have to mix paints anymore and painting with more than six colors should no longer be much of a challenge.