Hexapod I'm building with my gf Sam

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This is a hexapod project we are working on.  It aims to be cool looking, fun, and an interesting project for us to work on together.

We are using lots of 3D printed parts, for now this is done really cheaply, we may upgrade things once we get going though.

Will upload STL files when they are (mostly) finalized!

  • 1 × esp32
  • 18 × sg90 servo motor
  • 999 × 3D printed parts

  • Printing lots of parts!!

    Dylan Brophy2 days ago 0 comments

    I have most of the parts for the leg printed.  Here they are:

    Up top you can see the partially assembled leg.

    Oh yea, actually I still need one more part.... but I ran out of filament.  In the bottom right you can see that blue print didn't finish :/  but I don't have any more blue!

    Not sure what I'll do about that yet.

  • Moving leg!

    Dylan Brophy2 days ago 0 comments

    Just getting started on this, here's how far we are:

    We built a single leg and made it move! This video is a bit old, we've made more progress now. Making another project log today!

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