Considerations on Strain Gauge Use

A project log for Read Rope / Electronic Nerve

This is an open-source hardware project for a device that outputs a certain voltage depending on where the rope/wire is bent.

pablo-antonio-camacho-jrPablo Antonio Camacho Jr. 12/21/2019 at 20:040 Comments

I thought about how strain gauges may be incorporated in the project.

In theory, they could replace the switches and the design can be changed to achieve the desired result of a voltage indicating where a bend was made.

However, practically it does not work well for the following reasons:

- Current strain gauges are as durable as a mechanical switch. No advantage gained.

- Mechanical strain gauges are expensive.

- They generally have low strain to resistance yields.

-Can break if stretched/strained too much.

There is some promise for a more flexible and more sensitive strain gauge.

I will keep searching for alternatives to a mechanical switch.