Use of Resistive Flex Sensor

A project log for Read Rope / Electronic Nerve

This is an open-source hardware project for a device that outputs a certain voltage depending on where the rope/wire is bent.

pablo-antonio-camacho-jrPablo Antonio Camacho Jr. 12/24/2019 at 05:350 Comments

Spectra Symbol is selling a resistive flex sensor which increases resistance by 2x when bent at a 90 degree angle.

Product Page:

I have considered using this product for read rope conceptually and done some quick simulation tests to see if it logically worked.

It works very well.

The resistive flex sensor can replace the switches conceptually and it would work out the same way.

There is a minimum voltage for when there is no bend, and depending on where the bend is made, the voltage will increase by a certain amount.

The output voltage will be unique to certain combinations of bends which is how we will know where the bends are made.

A python script with ngspice simulation results will be made to create plots to show how the bends determine output voltage and the relationship between bend location and output voltage.