Device Driver

A project log for Read Rope / Electronic Nerve

This is an open-source hardware project for a device that outputs a certain voltage depending on where the rope/wire is bent.

pablo-antonio-camacho-jrPablo Antonio Camacho Jr. 04/06/2020 at 02:500 Comments

The next step for this analog device is to make a digital interface for it to use to communicate with a computer.

An ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) will be needed to convert the analog voltage into digital information. The digital information from the ADC will be sent via USB to the computer and a device driver will be used to tell the operating system how to communicate with the device.

This digital interface will be very helpful for the device to be used an in input device for VR, AR, XR programs or even a mouse for a computer.

Hopefully, OpenXR will be further developed soon to have device plugin interface support.

I will be working on calibrating this device in parallel with making a digital interface for it.


04/12 After some consideration and help from others, I decided on using the FTDI chip and its available drivers to communicate with read rope as a serial device.