Plugin For Importing Audio from DAW

A project log for Binaural Audio Editor

This is an audio application that produces 3D binaural audio from 2D mono audio samples and positional information given by GUI.

Pablo Antonio Camacho Jr.Pablo Antonio Camacho Jr. 12/16/2019 at 18:590 Comments

I made a plugin to export audio from a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) to Binaural Audio Editor sound track.

This plugin allows one to do advanced editing on audio in a preferred DAW and then export the audio to Binaural Audio Editor to have it spatialized in 3D.

The plugin needs to be compiled and installed into a directory where DAW looks for LV2 plugins. The absolute path to resources folder of binaural audio editor must be specified which should look something like this your-folder/binaural-audio-editor/src/timeline-track-editor/resources/ .

If using the plugin, please make sure that the format of audio is 16-bit PCM in Audacity

The current release build v1.2 does not have this capability yet.

Although with the release build, the audio can be loaded by opening the file binaural-audio-editor/src/timeline-track-editor/resources/imported_audio_DAW.wav .