1st quick submission of all material available

A project log for Open electric drive kit for wheelchairs - alpha v

First prototype of an open kit to bring electric drive to any existing wheelchair for cheap (and -hopefully- safe)

adriajunyent-ferreadria.junyent-ferre 07/15/2019 at 08:500 Comments

Hi, I've just uploaded all material I have from the project without spending any time documenting it properly. Still, in the files section you will find the report our 3rd year group project students wrote.

Credit for this report, the design of the wheelchair and the Arduino code that makes it run goes to the following people:

Jamie-lee Thompson
Rohan Tangri
Zheyuan Li
Shiwei Liu
Zengrui Huang
Kosidinna Umeigbo

Well done!

My role as their supervisor was to oversea how the project ran. This project was done in a real hurry in about a month time. I spent a few days later on to turn their perfboard circuits into PCBs and give them nice enclosures so that we can keep the wheelchair for next year.

I will try to find time to post a couple more messages here to describe how this work and what we think we should do in the future to continue the design of the wheelchair.

Huge thanks to Simon Merrett for approaching me back in 2017 and being happy to support and advice our students.