MIT App Inventor project for the Android app that controls the wheelchair from the phone

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WHEELS Technical Report.pdf

This is the project report the students wrote. It describes most of the details of the project (including a project log) except for the PCB design and the final layout.

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Current version of the Arduino program that does the magic. The program reads the inputs from the analogue joystick and translates that into a direction+PWM signal to command each motor driver. There's an algorithm in place that processes the joysetick input and limits the jerk to make the ride smooth. The program also takes an optional BLE connection that can be used to remote-control the wheelchair.

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3d models of the 3d-printed parts I used to hold the battery in the wheelchair, to hold the PCBs inside the connection box and to hold the connection box sitting on top of the battery. The models can be opened using SOLVESPACE cad.

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Kicad files of the board where the analogue joystick, the buttons and the indicator leds are wired

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Kicad files of the board that interfaces an Arduino Uno to the DC motor drivers, the joystick board and the BLE module

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