Planning an enclosure for it

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A MIDI sequencer

frank-bussFrank Buss 08/07/2019 at 18:040 Comments

Frank designed a first concept of an enclosure for the synth with FreeCAD:

The red transparent front is planned to be an acrylic panel, which allows to see the red 7 segment display, but dims the rest, which should give it a professional look. The PCB is mounted directly under the panel in the second slot, mounted with standoffs. Below the PCB is enough room for all the connectors.

The sides and bottom will be wood. Frank bought a walnut board from eBay:

It is 25 mm thick. This would be very massive for the sides, so with a band saw it was cut in half:

The result looks promising:

Leveling it (the band saw is a cheap model and not very accurate) and cutting it to exact measurements will be done later with a CNC machine.