This a system is based on a Busch Pressman 3x4" press camera.

The original standard back for film holder has been removed, and replaced by a falt base.

The instant back has been made from a malfunctioning SX70 instant camera, which only the ejection system has been kept. An Arduino pro-mini handles the ejection system, using switches present on the original camera, and a mosfet to drive motor. It also handles 1 + 8 leds, one for on/off that also blinks when processing a picture, and 8 to provide index of the remaining pictures. The Arduino comes to life when a pack is inserted and the door closed, and goes to power-down sleep after 20 seconds, to save battery from the pack.

The back is hold by magnets, and a ground glass can be used to focus and frame accurately.

A viewfinder has been made too, using two lenses coming from a Polaroid 600.

Focusing can also be made using the Meyer rangefinder that these cameras had.

Wood is mainly used, except for one part that interfaces the SX70 system and the wooden shell.

Wood is traditionally finished with shellac varnish.