Powerful quadcopter

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It's a quadcopter build to hold on strong winds and to carry some weight. It still lacks a UAV gear, so it will be able to control itself.

It's easy to control, the battery holds up to 15-25 minutes, depending on the pilot. It can lift some weight since it's a very powerful quad.

  • 1 × Hobbyking X580 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame w/Camera Mount 585mm Frame to hold it together
  • 1 × 5000 mAh battery Baterry
  • 1 × IMAX B6 Digital Charger LIPO MIMH Battery Balance Charger To charge your battery
  • 1 × 100V-240V To DC 12V 5A Switching Power Supply Adapter+DC Female Connector Power supply for the battery charger
  • 1 × DV04 Camera for Walkera DEVO F7 FPV2.4 GHz 5.8G Transmittion Radio control Camera for the FPV system

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    Step 1

    To assemble the ESC to your motors, you have to link the part with 3 cables, with the 3 cable from the motor

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    Step 2

    To assemble the ESC to the power, you have to link the red one to the positive side of the battery, and the black to the negative side. It will help to have a distribution power board, to keep it organized, since you have to link 4 ESC to the battery

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    Step 3

    To assemble the ESC to the control board, you have to connect the 3 colored cables(the thin ones) to the right side of the board, with the black or brown cable to the edge of the board. You don't have to connect power to the control board, these colored cables already bring the power.

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Matthew Pavyer wrote 11/17/2014 at 14:13 point
Hello there, just wondering. would be able to post a video of it in operation??? please, also depending on the motors that you have, would be able to mount a camera to the bottom of it so that you can recorde or send live feed back to the user???

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Thomas wrote 11/18/2014 at 17:53 point
Yes, it is possible and it is already mounted. There is a video, is just below the photos, just click in the "Video of the flight" link. The one with the star.

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Ranker wrote 09/12/2014 at 11:36 point
heyyy...i wanna have to make this ....but as i'm a begginer i can't manage to have hold on this project so can u please give me the description how to make it.....a humble request..hoping a +ve response from u ...thomas

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Thomas wrote 11/07/2014 at 21:25 point
Hi, sorry for the delay. I am working too much these last months. Well for starters, you need to order the parts. If you, as I did, order from another country, order some extra parts, because some may damage in the trip.
You will need to do a lot of soldering and assembling.
I Updated the components list, with brands and types directly from my purchases orders, so you will have the exact name of the components.
I will put some build instructions also, I hope it will help you!

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