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A project log for USB Type-C Breakout Board

This board breaks out a USB Type-C plug to pairs of SMA connectors for each of the super speed pairs, a USB micro B connector for D+/-, and

greggreg 07/18/2019 at 03:050 Comments

The purpose of this project is to build a USB Type-C breakout board to facilitate the evaluation of boards designed to utilize the super speed differential pairs.  This is intended to be a cost effective alternative to the commercial breakout boards.  To keep this accessible to makers, I am designing this to be fabricated at OSHPARK to see what performance I can get with there standard 4 layer stackup.  I'm designing the board to be as small as possible to keep the price down and the traces short.  It should be a little easier to keep the traces short and matched now that vertical plugs are available ( )  I don't have access to 3D field solvers, nor the time or patience to use them, so I will take be using my best engineering judgement, over-design a little and use every rule of thumb I can find.