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URU Key - a biometric FIDO2 Authenticator built with ESP32 / ATECC508A / FPC1020

Andrey OvcharovAndrey Ovcharov 09/30/2019 at 14:590 Comments

While working on ESP32 based Authenticator device I came into an interesting problem - User Verification. At the moment it is implemented really simple - just a button connected to the IO0 port. However, anybody is able to push this button and therefore authenticate with the device. Then I came to idea of adding some biometric authentication for the user.

I have ordered two fingerprint sensor modules capable to perform the user validation.

First one is GROW R300:

GROW R300 Fingerprint Scanner

Second one is FPC1020:

FPC1020 Fingerprint Scanner

Both modules operate at 5V, have UART interface to communicate and their price including delivery is around 12€. Modules have STM32 MCUs on board to implement all required operations from storing fingerprint data to authenticate users.

What I like about these modules is that it’s relatively easy to add user verification procedure to my project. What I dislike is that simple Arduino based sketch can simulate fingerprint scanner like this and become an easy way to hacking security of the device - one can just replace the scanner module with this Arduino device.

However, R300 module seems to provide way to transfer scanned finger image to the MCU. It closes the security issue, but means need of writing own fingerprint recognition and matching algorithm. But then I do not need the MCU located at the module itself, all I need is the actual fingerprint scanner to scan and process images.

So, at the moment my plan is - try to implement fingerprint scanning with R300 module and try to find algorithm for authentication and validation. If I succeed I plan to desolder fingerprint scanner from the module board and try to communicate it directly, without MCU in between.