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URU Key - a biometric FIDO2 Authenticator built with ESP32 / ATECC508A / FPC1020

Andrey OvcharovAndrey Ovcharov 12/13/2019 at 11:400 Comments

There was a long delay after previous project update. As you might remember the current challenge is connecting to the fingerprint scanner for proper authentication of user. I have ordered two fingerprint scanner modules - FPC1020AM and FPC1020AP and, unfortunately, the delivery took more than month and a half. Nevertheless I have finally received them and the project continues. I was surprised how small and thin the scanners are.

Both devices are small and thin capacitive fingerprint scanners with resolution 192x192 pixels at 508dpi and SPI interface.

FPC1020AM features flexible cable with flat 16 pin connector. Connector model is BM10NB(0.8)-16DS-0.4V(51) by Hirose.

FPC1020AM module and Hirose connectorsFPC1020AP is the same scanner in LGA package and I’ve spent some time figuring out how to properly connect it.

FPC1020AP fingerpint scanner module

More details on connecting these scanners to microcontrollers and corresponding Eagle CAD libraries are available in my personal blog

To test both scanners I have designed a very simple PCB with a pin header and LP2985 1.8V voltage regulator with ceramic decoupling capacitors.

Test board for FPC1020 fingerprint scannersThe board is connected to the ESP32 development board with four wire SPI interface.

I was able to write a script communicating with the board and receive proper hardware ID, as described in the datasheet.

Next step is proper setup of the scanner and receiving the fingerprint image from it.

Stay tuned! ✌️