URU Key - final hardware design

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URU Key - a biometric FIDO2 Authenticator built with ESP32 / ATECC508A / FPC1020

Andrey OvcharovAndrey Ovcharov 04/06/2020 at 07:460 Comments

I am happy to say that I’m finally done with the hardware design of the URU Key device.

It took a few months and number of iterations to complete it but now I have the device I wanted to have.

The size of the PCB is only 40x15mm, it’s comparable to a regular fitness tracker.

Main features are:

I understand that I’m not a hardware engineer and the design, probably, has a lot of mistakes. But for hobbyist, it is definitely good. It definitely solves the problem I wanted to solve - to create small wearable authenticator device with the biometric scanner and wireless connection.

The remaining challenges have to be solved on the software side where I am a bit more experienced than in hardware. That means it will be more of a just work than research and I can say I am very optimistic about the result of the project now.

Oh, and case. The device needs case.