Back Lighting!

A project log for Creepy Pumpkin

A Halloween prop pumpkin that will definitely creep people out.

N. Christopher PerryN. Christopher Perry 07/19/2019 at 03:190 Comments

Last year I just stood a flashlight inside the Pumpkin to illuminate the eyes, so you could see them in the dark.

This year I decided to add some Neopixels to each eye so I could more efficiently light them upend also have them change color, with them being yellow normally and have them turn red when they are all pointing at someone!

I designed a little bracket to hold Adafruit Breadboard-Friendly Neopixel boards at a good angle, and included pockets to add more magnets so they could mount to the back of the eye assembly bracket:

Had a bit of debugging to do to get the ws2812 python library to work with the M7, but once that was sorted out updating the main script was pretty quick!