Current project status

A project log for SaferSpace

Wireless network of small safety beacons for hackerspace tools

aryaArya 09/09/2019 at 18:080 Comments

I couldn't order the PCBs in time for the contest deadline, as I added them to another hackerspace member's order, and that one got delayed while the details were being figured out. Currently, I'm waiting for the PCBs to arrive, they will likely arrive on the 12th - pictured on the main project page. In the meantime, they're available on GitHub. As soon as I get the PCBs and assemble one, I will sit down and write the firmware - I've been prototyping on a NRF-less board in the meantime, experimenting with Arduino-less development and writing everything in pure C. Currently, I have SPI working (tested with an SD card I have on my testbed device), and I'm writing the high-level logic ("send a packet every X seconds"). When the boards arrive, I will assemble them, then attach the NRF24L01 modules, test the firmware and deploy the devices our space. I only have 5 modules like this at the moment, so, I will wire up:

  1. A drill battery charger (one that is most often left unattended and thus is often forgotten)
  2. Our most-often-used fake-Aouye soldering station, with a soldering iron and a heat gun (as heat guns tend to cause problems)
  3. Our switchable kitchen outlet block (has teapot, an evil-spirit-infested microwave etc.)
  4. Our main 3D-printer
  5. Our 100W lasercutter (what's cool is - it also has a "laser is turned on" signal, the main signal I will be using for determining problems)

I will document each one of these one-by-one, each will have a project log. For now, I will be waiting for the PCBs, not much to do until they arrive - will let you know as soon as they arrive!