A project log for 'Thor' robot with addons and GUI

Thor robot based on the author AngelLM

dannyvandenheuveldannyvandenheuvel 04/30/2017 at 12:543 Comments

Now loading and saving opportunities. Playing has been more fun now because we can save and load! Yeahhh.

Now you can play with it! Next will be save and load senarios and connection with real robot arm through ethernet. Try to upload new version in a couple of days :)

Some progress Thor robot arm embedded, almost running inverse kinematics routine :)

At this moment I build a recorder into the Thor robot gui controller, following will be save and load recorded movements. Then TCP socket to communicate with the real robot arm! will be continued :) I used a other model to test the routine, it's temporary :). Thanks to Luca Filippini for helping me with the Inverse kinematics scripting!


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