LM386 Datasheet

Power supply:
Used external 12Vdc power adapter somewhere from scrap equipment.

Components and materials:

Except the two LM386, all components, wires, pins, connectors are scrap from old electronic equipment taken from local disposal e-bins.

Adjustments, connectors and switches:

— Sliding power Switch (at left below red power light led indicator)

— Push on/off Loudness switch (at right), operates both channels.

— Trimpot (Yellow) for each LM386 turns up/down gain.

— Trimpot (Blue) raises up/down the brightness of blue led light inside the wood. This wood "cavern" is natural, i didn't sculpted it.

— RCA connectors on the Left are inputs

— RCA connectors on the Right are outputs


LM386 cost 0,80€ each.


Wild Olive tree, Olea maderensis, caught from the ground probably after a storm. (I do not cut trees or branches. I do sow and plant them)

Wood finish:

Time taken:

+/- one week