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What is the opposite of an RTL-SDR? This.

carbonCarbon 08/15/2019 at 03:150 Comments

So, those oscillator parts? Over fifty bucks each. Not exactly pocket change. Unfortunately that invalidates the idea of this being the literal opposite of an RTL-SDR - I was aiming for in-the-cart cost no higher than $20.

This week I got some time on the microscope to assembled one of the boards. (Partially complete pictured below.)

Notice the XO and the HUEG footprint I placed. I thought I purchased the large variant of the XO part, but I guess not.

I think I can dead bug the XO, but held off at this point because I was pressed for time.

Sadly, the CP2112 chip doesn't enumerate when the board is plugged in. I've verified the USB cable wiring, removed the TVS diode, used the hot air station to reflow the solder/part, and verified that the system is seeing something - just can't get the chip to enumerate.
I'll start by pulling off everything non-critical until it works - or doesn't. I don't have an IR oven so there is a chance I toasted the chip when installing it.

Little less than a month left - onwards!