AVE7_OscMod Circuit: Protected BUS B inputs for RY, BY & Y (Component/YUV) made with a Basic Quad OpAmp. In my case, I send RGB 3trins's outputs (or any other oscillations without exceeding 3vpp) to those YUV channels, just before they are digitized by the mixer. The benefit in this case: 3trins video input rips off color information, with this you can have the oscillators operate over the original BUS B input signal. The product is not the same as 3trins Video Out because the three oscillators define RGB color. In this case, they define RY, BY and Y.

AVE7_AT-MULTIMod Circuit: 
AUTO/TAKE and MULTI processes automation at a user definable rate. The mod has two 555 oscillators that creates sequential pulses at variable rate and  a CD4066 IC for activation and deactivation. The 555's pulses triggers in one case the AUTO/TAKE function, and in the other case the MULTI button on the Wipes Section. With this mod, it's possible to manually adjust those rates in order to "sync" them with the music or any other thing, freeing the user's hand and concentration on this process.
Dedicated to Vj's  :D

AVE7 LumaPedMod Circuit: 

Simple and effective, this is a bend I made some time ago on a Panasonic AVE5:


In that version, you can modify LUMA, SATURATION, RY, BY, TINT and PEDESTAL levels on one BUS and LUMA+SAT on PST and PGM out's.

This version is just LUMA+PEDESTAL for both buses because the mixer already has a Color Correction function.

DISCLAIMER! All this mods can make the video signal reach very extreme levels. Use and operate with caution! This mods can shorten mixer components life, trigger intermittent mixer malfunction, damage, etc. Circuits are very basic, just as my knowledge on electronics!

Design notes, usage and problems detected:
•    The OpAmp used is a bit slower but really simple. It is recommended to use a LM359, etc.
•    Both NE555 can be replaced by a NE556
•    If AUTO/TAKE automation freezes in process it's because a longer "Transition Time" (on mixer) than the time set on the trigger circuit by the potentiometer.
•    When using AUTO/TAKE pot at max, both process (AUTO/TAKE and MULTI) tends to trigger in an unusual, random way.
•    When changing the potentiometer position in the AUTO/TAKE automation, sometimes takes time to response to the change, probably because of the mixer scanning circuit. Eventually it does!
•    MULTI automation at high speed puts the mixer keyboard circuit in a forced state, sometimes a key need to be pressed more than once in order to activate it.
•    555 IC zone near ground pad tends to heat. Possible because I didn't have space to put that circuit, so there are components passing over IC's, etc.

If you want to see the product of this mods combined with other techniques, there is raw material on my Instagram: @dan.chelger

I'll try to make a video explaining the usage of all this mods.