We were inspired by IObrizio pin badges and Gustavo Reynaga oshwi and wanted to have a small and simple design to be used as a pendant.

We based the design on Kawaii Tech Logo  it is our first KICAD project :P 

We used Inkscape and the svg2Mod python script to create solder mask, outline and silkscreen layers to be imported as symbol in KICAD.

We had a hard time generating the shapes with the script in the end we re-shaped the outline in KICAD (manually).  

The board uses 3 GPIOs of ATTINY85 to control 6 LEDs with charlieplexing. Since it was a small form factor we wanted to have the less amount of components and routing as possible.

We used Arduino IDE to generate the HEX file and ATMEL ICE.

PCB was manufactured by PCBWay. 

We got our BOM from Newark, the battery holder has the same padstack as the one on the Gerber files, but the holder is a little bit different so we had to trim the ends. 

We still need to change the LEDs for ultra bright, we had some red available but the green and blue we ordered are kind of dim.

Gerber files are available on PCBway!