• New revision

    Miroslav Zuzelka07/21/2019 at 18:33 0 comments

    After I tested all parts of the board, I made necessary repairs to the design. I also moved a bit LCD forward to antenna of the ESP32 so it would not collude with joystick for 5-way switch, 

    New design looks like this: 

    No major changes so it looks like older revision.

    I ordered boards at ALLPCB with some other boards and and again about week, I had them home. 

    I assembled one, tested uploading of the firmware, LED´s & 5-way switch and everything works as it should. I was planning to use pogopins between LCD and baord but I have just 16 mm long ones and those are almost 3 times longer than I need so I designed spacer underneath LCD and this one will sit on top of the ESP32 and will not be easily detachable.

    Here you can see board with and withou LCD:

  • Where to start?

    Miroslav Zuzelka07/21/2019 at 10:18 0 comments

    I think this is very common question for everyone who want to build something, which is inspired by work of someone else. 

    This project will consist of two major parts: HW & SW. 

    Because original SW is for ESP8266 and it is written in ESP-IDF, I can not used it as do not know this enough to rewrite it to ESP32. My code will be written in Arduino IDE: 

    Original HW is ESP8266 module with 2 pcs of LED strips, 2 buttons, power switch and battery holder. 

    I want it to be rechargeable and I wanted all parts on one PCB so I started to design one. PCB should have same parts as original, but after while I started to think how player would interact with device and for better user interface I added OLED LCD and 5-way switch, which will take same amount of space as 2 buttons and it can do more than those buttons.  

    After some time, I designed this board: 

    I send this board to PCB fab and also ordered bunch of these switches .

    After week or so, boards arrived and I populated one. ESP32, CH340G, LED´s & charger works fine so I could test basic functionality. I could not make 5-way switch to wok and after some debugging, I did find out that I made connection between pins of 5-way switch and resistors, but not between resistors and pins of ESP32 :-( . Last thing which need to be checked is LCD. This one, sadly, I forget to mirror in Eagle so LCD would face with screen inside which would make no sense. So there will be revision B of the board. 

    Here is repaired board: