Review of existing projects

A project log for Solder paste and flux dispenser

DIY for hobby use

VitalyVitaly 07/21/2019 at 23:590 Comments

Since it's not interesting to reinvent wheel, it worth to inspect existing projects, and decide what can be done better. Here I will comment the most interesting ones.

28BYJ-48 based dispensers

All projects above are opensource. But while those are very cheap and easy to do, BYJ motors are not convenient for compact design. If you have TS-80 or TS-100, you should understand what i mean.


Though that project is not opensource, it's very nice. Author is professional engineer and shares interesting technical details.



Let's try to formalize, what would be interesting to do (and why that combination of features will be new or unique).

  1. We need "popular project" - easy to do, no machining, cheap enough.
  2. It should be small, pen-like. Instead of syringes replace, it would be more convenient to have multiple dispensers.
  3. It would be interesting to support fixed portions dispense, instead of constant flow. But that requires additional considerations about interface usability.

Seems ok. Now we need to do some estimates about precision.