Dispencer PCB v2

A project log for Solder paste and flux dispenser

DIY for hobby use

VitalyVitaly 10/07/2019 at 19:360 Comments

Received new PCBs. Still not final, but looks sweet:

And with 1cc syringe (supports are not final, only for prototyping):

Also, i got very useful advice about align SMT stencil with reference points:

I did two 0.7 mm holes and used 22 Ga (0.65 mm) SS wire from vape to pin PCB & stencil to cork sheet. That position stencil very easy and very precise. When you make order at JLCPCB, stencil adds  ~ 8$ - very low price for comfort assembly. The only thing you need to do - select custom size and reduce default to minimal possible.

Note, PCB still needs some care. Don't order now if you have no plans to join development :)

With all those changes, i probably will add 5mm to PCB  tail.