Bin Temperature Monitoring System

A grain monitoring system that will cost 200 to 300 CAD instead of 5000 CAD. Also open source instead of closed source.

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This project is meant to create a low-cost solution for small to medium-sized farmers who want to monitor their grain while it is in the bin. Currently, there is a solution that is on the market, but it costs roughly $5000, and it is closed source. All that these smaller farmers need is a couple of temperature sensors that can operate in the bin and a notification when something goes wrong. According to my calculations, the materials for this do not cost more than $300.

The temperature of the grain is critical because if the temperature starts rising the grain may spoil, and the farmer will lose money.

The current strategy is to use the Arduino MKR 1400 to control three DHT 22 sensors to collect temperature information from the bin. If one of the sensors record an increase temperature, the MKR 1400 will send a text message to the farmer.

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