Major Updates Needed

A project log for Bin Temperature Monitoring System

A grain monitoring system that will cost about $500CAD (raw materials) instead of $4000 CAD. Also open source instead of closed source.

kody-alan-rogersKody Alan Rogers 02/28/2021 at 00:230 Comments

So the project has changed significantly since I last updated this page. I'll list the major news below:

  1. The wooden box is no longer being used and instead, a waterproof junction box is being used. In particular, this one from Amazon is being used: I made this change since the wooden box was never really a good option, and it fried the Arduino I had inside.
  2. The project is no using the Arduino cloud to monitor the grain and that code can be seen here: I will be adding more code there and eventually will be adding a webhook so that an alert is sent if the grain starts heating
  3. A different sensor might be used. The DS18B20 is the sensor that might be used instead and that is because it is waterproof, cheaper, and all three can be wired on one wire. Given that it has not been tested yet I may only deploy it in a few of the bins.
  4. It is up and running and has been for several months now so that is great!