LoRa Testing

A project log for Bin Temperature Monitoring System

A grain monitoring system that will cost about $500CAD (raw materials) instead of $4000 CAD. Also open source instead of closed source.

kody-alan-rogersKody Alan Rogers 03/12/2023 at 22:380 Comments

This project log is sort of announcing a new path for the project. I have decided to further refine this project to the point where it could be considered a product. I am going to use this hackaday page as a place to contain a version that will use solely DIY tools (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.) and a minimal amount of specialty products. 

This new direction has resulted in me also deciding to use LoRa as the communication protocol. This is because I want the product to be battery powered and my province does not currently have widely available LTE-M. My first testing of LoRa went ok and I'll detail it more below.

My first attempts were bad because I was using MKRWAN_v2 to update the firmware so that I could use the examples in,, and it would appears that the firmware MKRWAN_v2 uses is not compatible with that library. Eventually, I used the MKRWAN library to update the firmware and it worked well. The reception between two Arduinos was definitely acceptable.

My current development plan is roughly as follows:

  1. Communication between Arduino and Raspberry Pi hub
  2. Curate the Arduino data sensibly so that it is easy for the pi to understand (JSON or some other format?)
  3. Create an App and/or database to display the data for the farmer.
  4. Set the Arduino to be battery/solar powered
  5. Polish this proof of concept before starting to create specialized hardware for the final product.

Now that is a lot simpler of a plan than it will really be, but it gives an idea of what to look forward to.