Case Design Experiment!

A project log for ESPlay Micro

ESPlay Micro is an ESP32 Based emulator device for playing retro games, able to play classic games NES, GB, GBC, SMS, Game Gear and more.

Fuji PebriFuji Pebri 11/25/2019 at 05:240 Comments

After releasing the project on the Makerfabs, some people looking for the case and then i decided to make an experiment how this case should be design.

After some iteration and made a bunch of failed 3D printed case ( I designed it with OpenSCAD), I decided to use FreeCAD which will be easier. when using OpenSCAD i need to measure the board precisely, but since i have an png and 3d model of the board, using FreeCAD should be precisely without measuring the real board.

Here some prototype of the case, this won't be the final version but i will update the stl file, so someone should not try the old stl files which will be trashed cause it's useless agains the latest board revision

If you want to try print yourself, print the following files
- bottom.stl
- bottom_layer_stl
- button_assy_1.stl
- button_assy_2.stl
- top_body.stl

All files including the source FreeCAD files can be found on files section. Please give me feedback if you modify those file so i could update the file.