Now, [REC] Machine is able to record from rompr web interface. Only for Web Radio sending title along with stream. Some enhancements could be done to support more Web Radio....

1. If no title meta data is found into WebRadio streaming, it could be retrieve on Radio Web page (some code exists working for LeMouv' & Radio Nova (Paris - France))

2. Use streamripper for automatic recording then send tracks to musicbrainz for recognition and MP3 TAG set (experiment have been done already by Zicmama using Beets).

Xbian is giving a good Kodi RPI distribution. It's interface could benefit [REC] button by addon (missing python Kodi coder)?!

Anyone interested in [REC] recovery mission, join the CopyLaRadio team!

Sorry, most of actual other information is french.
Translators are welcome to help maintain code, web site & community.