During the prototype phase of my Beardo badge fro Defcon27, I had made a critical error in the PCB design. The SK6812 LEDs change foot prints when going from a 5050 to a 3535. I didn't know that, this resulted in my prototype boards being unusable. While waiting on the new prototypes. I built an LED matrix using LED strips, so that I could begin working on code. During this process I decided to make a MegaBadge. The board is a 22" x 22" piece of plexi glass spray painted to look like the Beardo badge. 

I took the protoype V1 and hard wired the Led pads to the LED strip. Because I am using 440 LEDs I purchased an Anker Power core USB power brick. ran the power from the Anker to the LEDs and the ground to the badge. This ended up creating a decent battery life. about 1.5 days of constant LED power at full brightness. 

I will be writing up the Beardo badge Shortly. I hope every one enjoyed the Megabadge. Thank you for the support.