Light sensor as laser barrier: part 1

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krzysztof krzeslakkrzysztof krzeslak 08/09/2019 at 18:120 Comments


Some time ago I had an idea that light sensor can be also used as light/laser barrier, as I had some laser module laying around, which i bought some time ago on Ebay so I decided to give a try l, it's still to be tested in action, but it's a good opportunity to share some photos from workshop ;)

                                                                                 final effect
                                                                    "clamp" 3d printing
                         for tripod mounts i use 3d printed "clamp" with pressed 1/8inch poliamide nut
                                                                complete setup with light sensor
                  inside is just battery holder, (glued)switch and laser module, so it's really simple contruction
machining step, case which i'm using for this and also for all sensors is "PP23" bought from distributor which i got near my living place (
                                                  stickers designed in gimp, to make it look nice ;)

In future days I will try to make a some tests for it, generally use case is almost same as for reflection sensor, but sometimes I think it can be handier to use such laser barrier and I wanted to make use of those modules which i got lying around ;)