Light sensor as laser barrier, part 2: usage

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Modular and programmable DSLR camera trigger

krzysztof krzeslakkrzysztof krzeslak 08/11/2019 at 07:370 Comments


Today I wanted to share with effect of usage light sensor with laser which I shared in previous log.

                                                                            Final effect

Program/script which was used for taking this photo.This time I used high speed photography method, so photo was done in dark room, using high speed flash illumination, camera shutter was set to bulb mode. Program explanation: "trigger shutter" opens camera shutter(it's like pressing and holding shutter button on camera), then it waits for 300ms to make sure that shutter is open and still, then "wait for (!) port red" waits for negated signal on port red(so laser beam interrupt by falling strawberry in this case), after signal is detected there's delay which can be adjusted from control panel, after set amount of time flash(connected to port 1) is triggered , so actual photo is taken and shutter is released ending sequence
                                             setup which was used, few attempts was needed ;)