New black robe and few words about cases

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Modular and programmable DSLR camera trigger

krzysztof krzeslakkrzysztof krzeslak 08/17/2019 at 19:010 Comments
                                                        Controller in anodised black casing

Hello, Today I wanted share photo of controller in "a new robe" which is anodised black case I bought those black cases some time ago, but not really used till this time, now as previous case got little dirty I thought that maybe it's a good moment to test this variant. 

By the way I also realised that in log about board design i skipped somehow case selection topic, it necessarily should be there as case selection was one of first thing which I did when started this project, so board dimensions was designed to fit this cases(to be precise first prototype was intended for 100mm version[1455b1002], but after moving to esp then to vocore I switched to smaller 80mm version[1455b1002] ).

               I really like this cases as they look very nice and are surprisingly cheap(less than 10 dolars),
                                      they're manufactured by Hammond manufacturing.

                   After removing front panel board can be slidden in/out, as it's held by those ribs on sides

generally I can't make my decision which color version I like more, this one or old one(natural aluminium), so some opinions are appreciated :)