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Modular and programmable DSLR camera trigger

krzysztof krzeslakkrzysztof krzeslak 08/24/2019 at 18:090 Comments

Hello today I wanted share quick summary specification of current controller board design,

and as this project is meant to be opensource I want to share some sources today I Think both will be good summary for entry round of this contest :).

                                                            v0.9(current)controller version

Controller software:

it's Python app sources which is running on controller.

Hardware specification:

1 x Optoisolated camera port(2,5mm jack) for camera focus/wake and trigger

2 x Optoisolated Flash port(3,5mm jack) for flash triggering

3 x module port, which can be used in following modes:

      Port Red: Input, Output, Com(1-wire), Pulse

      Port Green: Input, Output, Pulse

      Port Blue: Input, Output, Pulse

      Each port has 3 pins: Signal, 12V, Gnd

      Ports connector fits standard servo connectors

8 x Gpio pins

1 x mini-B usb connector for accessing Linux command line/serial console.

1 x 1,27mm 6pin SPI connection for complete flash writing(unbricking, bootloader change, etc. )

1 x DC jack for 12v supply (should be tolerant up to 22v)

2 x status led: supply, ready

3 x port status led

1 x Buzzer for state indication

Powered with opensource VoCore2 system on module (

Which provides:

- Mediatek MT7628, 580 MHz SoC

- Memory(ram): 128MB, DDR2

-  Flash: 16MB

- Running under Linux(OpenWrt) control.

It's also fully OpenSource: Complete specifications and sources available on: