EDL PCBs (Part 1)

A project log for Lab Bench III

You guessed it! It's a lab bench & my third. The kicker? It's unlike any other...

grant-giesbrechtGrant Giesbrecht 08/10/2019 at 01:410 Comments

I soldered an Arduino Nano onto a piece of protoboard to wire it up to all the peripherals.

This board also has the real-time clock, MicroSD card module, the sensor, a push button (w/ debouncing circuitry) for cycling through error codes on the display, a switch to disconnect Arduino power, and a power LED for the Arduino.

I've designed PCBs for the display breakout and display drivers too.
I wrote an Arduino sketch which you can find on the project's GitHub repo. Because I don't have the display driver board yet it's still a work in progress, but it can read the sensor values, log them on the SD card, and report them to the serial monitor.