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The old "Simon" memory game.... with an evil twist

Nick SayerNick Sayer 09/21/2019 at 14:320 Comments

Work has begun on a 3D printable case for Симон. The case comes in 7 pieces - a front piece, 4 buttons, a back and a battery door.

The front has four arc shaped cut-outs for the buttons, much like original Simon does. The center is liberally perforated with holes for the speaker.

The buttons have a small rim that keeps them from falling out. Each also has two long posts that come out from the bottom near the far edge that will rest on the PCB and keep the buttons from falling inward. The two will form a pivot that will allow the front part of the button to move inward where another post will rest on the tactile switch on the PCB. The hope is that this will allow the button to be pressed easily. The buttons are 1/16" thick throughout and when made with translucent resin should easily show the color of the LED underneath.

The front has two posts that rise up to meet the PCB right where there are two holes. Those holes will accept screws through the board and matching risers in the back panel. Two screws through the back panel, PCB and into the front panel posts will hold the case together. The back is mostly empty space to accommodate the battery holder. Above the battery holder is an empty hole slightly larger. The hole will accept a cover plate held in place with lip edges and a single screw. Overall the case will be a 4 inch diameter circle and be about an inch and a half thick.