To start and designing such product is to understand how Peercoin algorithm work : everything is well explained here and here to download wallet on your machine (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)

How minting process does work ?

Basically when you hold Peercoins for more than 30 days you get rewarded by new coins that get issued from current network. Probability that you mint Peercoins can change based on coins amount that you're holding.

Why a Peercoin Minting Station ?

Current minting device are not UI-friendly. Goal is to have a plug-and-mint ready device for people that don't want to go deeper in technical stuff but would like to know and support the technology. Peercoin runs a foundation where you can donate funds if you would like to ( But funds isn't everything, to participate actively you can run a Peercoin node to help Peercoin network growth.

How can I contribute ?

You can contribute by making suggestions/questions on this page or on the official forums If you want to be an active member send me a message and I will add you to the loop.