• Build Update 2

    Zach Strohm07/30/2019 at 00:16 0 comments

    Hey everyone,

    I just had a chance to measure frequency response of the breadboarded amplifier. Frequency response appears to be pretty good, with a bit of roll-off in the very low frequency range ( > 60 Hz). 

    Below are some captured waveforms, from an OWON SDS7102V. The red is input, the yellow is output.

    Please check back for updates. Questions and comments are always welcome.

  • Build Update 1

    Zach Strohm07/28/2019 at 22:36 0 comments

    Hey everyone, 

    This is the first build update for my simple headphone amplifier. This is a fairly quick, simple project based on the popular CMoy headphone amplifier design. I have opted to use the TL082 Opamp due to availability, cost, and general quality.

    I have breadboarded a single channel, just to verify my design actually worked. So far, it does. I will finish the second channel soon, and begin taking some measurements on the scope to further analyze the design.