Quantity   Component name
1 × 48mm base This unit is the base of the whole system. It is 48x48x8, and can mount bearings and screw to other components.
1 × 24mm base This unit is half the size of the 48mm base, but can still screw to other units and can mount bearings.
1 × M6 Nut holder This piece holds an M6 nut into the center 8mm hole, clamped between two blocks. This facilitates stronger connections between block sets.
1 × 90 degree block This piece clamps to the outer face of a block, and can clamp onto a perpendicular set of beams.
1 × Wooden dowels Wooden dowels can be used as a cheap shafting alternative.
1 × Aluminum round tubing Aluminum tubing can be used as a more expensive, but stronger and lightweight shafting solution.
1 × Steel round tubing Steel can be used for certain applications where strength and bend resistance is highly important.
1 × Carbon Fiber shaft Carbon Fiber shafts can be used as tubing when strength and weight are of equal importance. However, they can be quite expensive.
1 × 6x19x6 ball bearing This commonly available ball bearing can be clamped in between two blocks and used to facilitate low-friction rotary motion.
1 × 6mm steel shafting This shafting can be used in conjunction with the 6mm ball bearing to create reliable rotary motion.
1 × 12mm base This unit is a quarter the size of the 48mm base, and is used as more of a spacer. Mounting options are limited.
1 × Spacer This part screws into the upper space between two blocks, enabling stronger gripping of shafts.
1 × Joiner This part is a double-height spacer, enabling blocks to be joined top to bottom.
1 × Round base This part is like the 48mm base but is round, enabling joints of any angle to be created.
1 × 72mm midbar This bar has the common hole pattern on it and can mount bearings. It serves to join blocks together by clamping in the space between sets.
1 × 48mm midbar This midbar is like the 72mm midbar, but it cannot clamp to shafting, and is shorter.
1 × 24mm midblock This is the midblock, a 24x24mm chunk of hole pattern that serves as a spacer and bearing mount.
1 × Hole reducer This part is clamped between two blocks and reduces the large 8mm hole to the common 4mm hole.