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A project log for Targeting SDCC to the 8080

Writing a code generator for the 8080 microprocessor for Small Device C Compiler (SDCC)

Ken YapKen Yap 09/01/2019 at 12:500 Comments

The one factor that makes the 8080 target even remotely tractable for me is the included port to the Gameboy Z80 by Philipp Klaus Krause. The GBZ80 is a cut down version of the Z80 that has more in common with the 8080 than the Z80. A good treatise can be found here. A quick summary: All the DD, ED, FD prefixed instructions are missing so no extended instructions, or IX/IY instructions. However the CB prefixed bit instructions are still there and this will cause most of the headaches later on. The I/O instructions are also absent but this doesn't affect the code generator, only library routines in assembler that use them.

In the code there are various macros of the form IS_<port>, e.g. IS_GB. These expand to a test on the machine subtype. I added another constant SUB_I80, the corresponding macro IS_I80, and a new macro IS_GB_I80 which is IS_GB || IS_I80.

So can we just s/IS_GB/IS_GB_I80/ throughout? Not so fast. As mentioned before the bit instructions are still present, and there are some features the GBZ80 has that the Z80 and 8080 don't. So these cannot use the test IS_GB_I80. In addition the GB uses DE then HL for function results instead of HL then DE, presumably as this is the convention for other GB software. The upshot is that every occurence of IS_GB has to be inspected to see if it's relevant to the I80 also.

Furthermore the Z80 and GBZ80 have some instructions the 8080 doesn't like DJNZ so code to do this the long way has to be added. This cannot be found by searching for GB.

There are other major differences which will be described in other logs.