A project log for Multitool 3D Printer - Blackbox

Blackbox shifts 3D printing towards a multitool manufacturing robot.

Marc Sch├ÂmannMarc Sch├Âmann 08/09/2019 at 13:040 Comments

This is the promised changelog, it includes all major changes since the last Update

All these changes already found the way to fusion files, and there is more to come!

All Linear Rails are now MGN12 with the big H version carriage
MGN 12 are much more accessible & cheaper to source

A 10x20mm t-slot profile now supports x-axis
The carbon square rod looked cool and worked ok, but in the end, it wasn´t worth the trouble. The dust that accumulates during processing is harmful, and affordable rods struggle to meet the required tolerances and straightness. Nevertheless, I think it was worth a try and surely inspired some other builders to try the same!

Belt tensioning now on the XY Motor Bracket

The belt tension system was troubling from the beginning. The two opposing tensioners were very filigree and struggled to hold the forces on high print speeds. Now the belts are only clamped at the X-axis and then individually tightened at the XY motor bracket.

Easier Lubrication

Greasing the Idler Pulleys was a pain previously, now there are dedicated holes which lead directly between the ball bearing. There are still a few areas like the motor block and the pulley corner which need this addition.

Z-Axis reduction overhaul

The Z-axis worked well but was equipped with a 64t pulley which is probably not standard and therefore very difficult to get. Now the reduction is made with 16-40t and 16-80-40t, resulting in a reduction of 1:25. The reduction is now also relying on 9mm belts like the rest of the printer. Besides that, the reduction is far more robust and a bit easier to print.

Following Updates will include:

-New Extruder and Toolchanger design, more soon!

-Block and Tackle mechanism for the Z-Axis (already in rhino, not in fusion yet)

-Enhanced housing for troublefree disassembly 

-Mounting for Duet Board