Custom PCB for easier wiring

A project log for Multitool 3D Printer - Blackbox

Blackbox shifts 3D printing towards a multitool manufacturing robot.

Marc SchömannMarc Schömann 08/24/2019 at 16:170 Comments

Extruder PCB

These little PCBs originate from the Cobot Project. At that time, we were planning to ease wiring by using some small adapter PCBs. They are based on the red micro match connector and the well known JST connectors. The idea is to connect all the different electronic parts on an extruder (Fan, Heater, Heatsensor, Endstops, Motor) to a board which adapts it to a ribbon cable. Ribbon cables do not require special crimping tools. They can be assembled using just a vice. These things are so practical that I'm still using them for the Blackbox project. Willy Blum created the PCBs, a talented electrical engineer and I'm currently planning to sell these together via known RepRap shops.

The Heater in this PCB is also connected via a JST connector. This is not ideal ofc and will be one of the minor changes regarding the PCBs. I thought about a screw terminal, but it seems like a bad idea on a vibrating moving device. 

Hall Effect Sensor

The other PCB is a two-channel hall effect endstop. It is reliable and can be daisy-chained to use two endstop with one four-wire ribbon cable (this two-channel). But the best about this sensor is it´s size, compared with other hall effect sensors used in the RepRap community this one is around half the size. While it´s designed to be used with a ribbon cable and the micro match connectors, there are three soldering pads for JST connectors to remain compatible.

As always any input is appreciated!