08/05/19 - Choosing a board for the 3rd mesh node

A project log for My attempt at an ESP-NOW Mesh

Designing a custom mesh for sensors, home automation and remote controlling using Espressif's ESP-NOW

david-mDavid M. 08/05/2019 at 23:310 Comments

Having accomplished two-way communication, I think it is finally time to add a third node into the equation, creating an actual mesh. I prefer having a diversity of boards instead of buying a bunch of the same ones due to the advantages of developing. I researched various ESP32 boards I could get which contain capabilities I do not have access to yet. One of those capabilities is camera input. For that, I have three options: ESP32-CAM, ESP-EYE, and M5stack ESP32 Camera. They are mostly similar, but have a few key differences. All three use the OV2640 camera sensor.

ESP32-CAM has an SD card slot, PSRAM, 14 GPIO's and uses an ESP32-S (PCB antenna, IPEX block output, FCC Certified).

ESP-EYE has a 3D-PIFA antenna, 8MB PSRAM, digital mic, SPI pads,  and USB-UART bridge.

M5Cam has a 3D-PIFA antenna, USB-C, GROVE port, battery interface and USB-UART bridge (Pads for 6-axis gyro, analog mic, barometer).

So far, I think I prefer the M5Cam, but I will fully decide on this next time.