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This is clone of the Odroid Go game device with upgrades

miroslav-zuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 05/23/2020 at 08:591 Comment

To be honest, i started this project because I did not want to pay about $80 for console and shipping to Czech Republic. If I look back, it cost me much much more, but it would not be such a fun & and some frustration. It took me about 1,5 year to finish this project, but I had some delays between board revisions, it was not constant designing, building, fixing mistakes. 

If you would ask me if I regret it, to dive in this rabbit hole, I would definitely say "No" as this was very good learning journey from maker perspective. I can not say that I build this from scratch as I would have to design schematic and also write firmware. I think and I hope this proves power of the open source as you can take something what someone else build and make it in your way, better, worst or just for fun, 

I think that I accomplished my goal and I made my console "better" than original piece of HW. I know that you can now buy Odroid Go Advanced, which is much more powerful than OG and you can play more emulators than on OG, but I did not build this for business as I would have to build this much more faster and in higher quantity. 

I´m happy that I finished this and I will put all my design files (for PCB and for 3D printed case) at my Github so if anyone want to build their own, they can just order PCB´s, parts and have same fun as I had. 

I will also sell some in my Tindie store as I do not need 20 pcs of this :) . I hope this was not boring reading and you enjoyed my journey, at least a bit. 


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