CRM200 MEMS Gyroscope

The CRM200 is a MEMS Gyroscope made by Silicon Sensing. Here it is with its lid removed.

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The CRM200 consists of a MEMS ring stacked on top of an ASIC via a small spacer. The bond wires you see come from the top of the MEMS ring, go through open spaces in the ring, and then are bonded directly to the ASIC below. Eight of these bond wires are connected to transducers that are located around the outer perimeter of the ring, which get to the perimeter via traces that go along the insanely tiny spokes.

These transducers detect the radial motion caused by either a) the set of primary drive actuators being driven, or b) by what is known as the Coriolis effect. I definitely recommend checking out the datasheet for information about the part, which I have linked down below. I remove the lids on these by simply sanding them off with some 400 grit sandpaper. It only takes about 50-60 long strokes on the sandpaper to remove them.Since these are made in Japan I thought it would be fitting to arrange them on a 100 yen coin for a size comparison.

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